It is THE summer. The summer before my final year of uni. The summer where I should be figuring out what my plans are for the rest of my life twenties. Fortunately, my controlla tendencies forced younger me to figure it all out for older me which translates to: my life has been planned out since I was 13. Though minor changes have been made to that plan, the essence of it has remained unchanged. And that is to keep going to school, keep getting those degrees, and just keep keepin' on. That being said I still have much to prep for in the next weeks including my study plan for the dreaded Organic Chemistry course this fall, a summer abroad in my favorite city, and grad school/medical school applications. It's going to be absolutely wild. So, to make this whole process a little easier I headed out to a new cafe (Ames Street Deli by MIT) in hopes that maybe, just maybe its ridiculously cool interior will inspire to cross off more than one thing off my to-do list. Instead, however, I was just having way too much fun checking out the entire place. If you're local and in need of a new workspace that breaks the mold check it out and let me know what you think. 

- M. 

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