6 Hours in Oxford

Last weekend a few of my friends and I made the journey up to the town of Oxford to visit the university. Since I was a child and I really do mean a child, it has been my dream to be a student at Oxford. So to finally see the university that I have been admiring for as long as I can remember was nothing short of an absolute dream

11:00 - Caught the train from Paddington Station. It was a blisteringly hot day so the journey up to Oxford was a bit...trying. I read Headscarves and Hymens on the ride and would highly recommend it. 

12:00 - Arrived in Oxford. First thing we did was set out to find anything with caffeine. We stopped at a cafe (its name always escapes me) that had the most AMAZING avocado toast and wifi

13:00 - We finally decide to leave the air conditioned oasis and explored the city! 

First stop: 
Radcliffe Camera

Bridge of Sighs 


Checking out the sights at Hertford College.


15:00 - One of our last stops before we had to head back to the railway station! (We obvi had to make a stop at the various campus stores to pick up some Oxford gear, but that's for another post)

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